ExisQCI was founded three decades ago making it one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturer's representative firms in Silicon Valley.  We are also the largest manufacturer’s representative firm in Northern California.  ExisQCI designs-in and sells the services and products of our manufacturers - directly or through our Distribution Partners - to electronic OEM companies in Northern California, Nevada, and in some instances, throughout the world. Through aggressive, value-added selling, we are able to increase the market share our manufacturers enjoy in this marketplace.

ExisQCI offers our manufacturers the highest-quality sales professionals, possessing industry experience, technical expertise and strong relationships with customers. We have a focused line card and manage resources to achieve a high mind share, ensuring that our manufacturers' objectives are accomplished. We have earned the respect of industry peers, customers, and other manufacturers that may compete with our sales force.

Selling directly or through distribution, ExisQCI is the exclusive contract sales force representing quality products to over 1000 technology companies.

ExisQCI has three locations:
Our Headquarters are located in the heart of Silicon Valley at 1570 The Alameda, Suite 110, San Jose, CA 95126-2330.
EXIS Asia, located in Penang, Malaysia.
EXIS Tradecomp, located in Brazil.